Pengfei Chen

武术教练 (Martial Arts Instructor)

简历 (Biography)

Master Pengfei Chen began his Martial Arts studying in 1993 and graduated in ShangDong Institute of Physical Education. For over 20 years, Master Chen has been visiting many countries, partcipating competitions and giviving performances and shows.

For example, in 1999, when Master Chen represented China to visit Canada for the first time and won the 2nd place at Canada World Cup WuShu Competition; In 2000, he won  Spear champion at National Wushu Championship; In 2002, he got the 2nd place of XingYiQuang at International Traditional Wushu Competition; In 2010, he got NanQuan champion and Staff champion at Ancient Martial League Comptetition. Since 2005, Master Chen has been represnting China visiting many countries such as United States, England, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and so on to perform and promote Chinese culture.

Currently Master Chen is the main coach at Fremont location.

  • 飛师父功夫学院 (Fei SiFu KungFu Academy) 武术教练

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